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The Power of Words-

Tsismosa is what I am referring to. We know someone who is very talkative and tsismosa and the voice! Man the voice! It’s like matutina! Power of words? Conference call is not it.

A very wise man once said that the words is as strong as the sword. That is true.

Sure you can pass on the news but make sure that there are no alteration. Actually, nope, you can not pass the news.. it’s a gossip. That is not good.

I have that. Just made my day…not.

Jesse at Kisame

Kitchen kisame.. and pictures ni Jesse.. 1 week na sya bukas, Sunday.

Watch The Event! Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey Online!

Watch Pacquiao vs Clottey Fight Live Stream Online Free HomeThis is a featured page

The fight for the ages is here. Entitled as the “EVENT” held in Arlington Texas in Dallas Cowboys stadium, one of the biggest stadium in the whole world. The Event will be the fight between the pound for pound king and Welterweight King, Manny Pacquiao vs The Ghanian hard punching Joshua Clottey. The Pacquiao vs Clottey fight will be for the WBO Welterweight championship. Pacquiao will defend the title for the first time.

Burn Notice Season 3 Finale Promo

Check out the Season 3 Finale Promo teaser trailer of Burn Notice to be aired tonight… Watch and enjoy the action! Go Burn Notice!

In the season finale of Burn Notice, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) faces a terrorist who threatens to detonate a bomb if Michael doesn’t follow specific instructions. Time to bust out the sunglasses and the modern sofas in the set.. have you notice those?

I’m not really sure why, but every time i read something about Burn Notice, Hank and the rest of Royal Pains come to mind. Weird.

Legend of the Seeker

This Legend of the Seeker tv series sounded like a movie of some sort.. and based on what I read, looks like it is based on Terry Goodkind’s best-selling fantasy series, The Sword of Truth , this series follows woodsman Richard Cypher as he transforms from woods guide to magical leader, with a task to stop a vicious tyrant, Lord Darken Rahl.

The scene and location of the series is in medieval times. Good thing about it is that they don’t have to worry about home insurance quotes and the likes..

Where To Find Money?

I need to find a couple of hundred thousand pesos.. Where can you find that amount of money? I have a few thousand savings but its not enough.

How much do I need?

I need 1.5M pesos.

I was in pawnshop this morning to inquire about it and it was agreed that I need at least 800K and the rest should be reasonably distributed.

iPhone Finally!

It took 3 weeks and 3 Globe Hub/ Globe service center for me to have my own iphone! First Globe center I reserved for the phone was in Megamall a couple of weeks ago.. Then two or three weeks ago, I was in SM Marilao and submitted the requirements for an iPhone 3GS 32MB.. and today, we went SM fairivew, submitted my requirements and they issued me the phone, just like that.

I’m pretty excited now. I have this shinny new phone. I’m thinking of getting a couple of insurance quotes for my phone.. I dont’ want to lose it without insurance right? Or is there such a thing?

Keyword Experiment

Last post was about Batman.. I asked “Sino Si Batman“? and hoping that putting a few link to my inmylife blog will be enough to rank for that particular keyword. What’s the status? None yet, I haven’t seen that page rank yet, but I’ll wait.

That made me wonder. What if I try ranking myself in some of the popular and competitive keyword, say like mortgages, beauty tips, water filter, tooth whitening.. wouldn’t that bring me more traffic, earnings and possibly advertisers?

hmm.. yeah, that is a thought.