Upgrade Kitchen

After the holidays, we just realized more clearly that we need to upgrade our kitchen to a more modern, up-to-date kitchen tools, appliances and gadgets.

I remember when I was in Canada, we have electric dish washing machines, we have gigantic fridge and all other stuff.
I was browsing facebook last night and came across www.ovisonline.com. From the looks of it, they have a wide variety of kitchen stuff inventory. Exactly what we may need for our kitchen.

Will be telling about the wife about it later too. She’ll be very excited about this one for sure!

Nursing Cab.

There’s a new website or a blog site in the internet today! What is it all about? It’s all about health!

Why health? Its universal, it’s forever! wall mount speaker brackets

The website is called Nursing Cab. It talks about health and mostly about medicinal plants.

There are already a number of blog posts in there. There are 10 herbal plants approved by DOH and each of the plants have their own article.

Soon this blog will hopefully be a resource for those people who seeks information about health and herbal plants.

Why Box Arts Still Matter?.

10410431_10152212724181633_7122698555245808953_nLong ago, when there was no digital platform, the box arts on DVDs and compact discs always had much of an importance. But, if you notice, the craze still exists for them because they are snazzy and has a great feel to it.

Buyers love to own these boxes as they show you are ardent about the content in it, be it a game or a movie. The new Mortal Kombat X box art in one such example of good marketing. elixir strings

It looks instantly captivating and whether you love the game or not, irrespective of reviews it will start selling in pre-orders already. Let’s hope the retail products continue to come out always.

Zombie Killing Is So Popular.

Seriously, what is it with people and zombies? Wherever you go, you find this concept so prevalent that everyone is talking about it. Gamers love to kill zombies and movie buffs love to watch it die. How does it matter so much despite killing millions of them already?

If you look closely, you can understand that this is not about zombie killing but reliving your stress out. Relieving stress also with Jazz Saxophone. People are stressed at work, at home and everywhere they go. When you get to mindlessly kill a hoard of non-living creatures, be it in the movies or games, it’s so relieving. Grab your ipad now and start killing some zombies, yet again!

Achieving Your Goals.

Whenever you have an idea like those folks in Musicians friend, you would feel excited but as time passes most of them are left to rot and people just don’t chase their dreams.

Don’t lose the time you got and execute what you love the most immediately. If you have been planning to take up a new course, join a community or try an idea for an app, try it out. Unless you risk some and see if your idea clicks, it cannot be tested.

If great scientists and people like Steve Jobs were scared to explore, we would never be enjoying all the conveniences that we have now. Go out there and start working towards your goal.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Movie Review.


Compared to the first part, the rebooted version of the Amazing Spiderman 2 is definitely interesting and has laid out plenty of plot points for the third part. They are slowly building it towards a grand finale and have all the elements that Dark Knight had to be a fitting end.

Andrew Garfield is now more comfortable as Spidey and Gwen Stacy ideally fits the role but it’s a sad demise that you have to accept. There is a bunch of new villains coming up for part three but if they could handle it with efficiency, it could be an action packed entertainer., magnetic copper bracelets.

The 3D aspect is good in places, CGI is impressive but the movie’s background score could be tweaked for a more engaging experience. The characters and plot are well laid out this time.

Nintendo’s New Budget Console Set For 2015.

After reporting a huge fiscal lose in the first quarter of 2014, Nintendo has announced that the company will now focus on creating a brand new console for emerging markets. It is expected to be priced very affordable because $500 is not the best fit for Asia and the head confirmed that it won’t be a rehash of the existing Wii U.

Most gamers black chrome believe that it will be Wii U Lite but it can be confirmed only when Nintendo officially launches it. The company is going through bad times now while the same scene exists for Microsoft with their Xbox One failure. If they both could find ways to stay alive with good games and hardware, the gaming industry could further boom or it might be the end as we know it.

Zomato for Foodies.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars and Zomato is a great website for food lovers because it allows you to find the best restaurant, like and rate them besides following other professional foodies in town. The interface is cool and it has some great apps on both iOS and Android platform.

The service is available in major countries around the globe and the developers are looking forward to establish it further. When you login and follow the site, you are sure to find some exciting restaurants or hang out joints in your locality that you have never heard of. It’s worth spending time in this site to find the best places around.

Coming Home and Holy Week.

Holy Week. Once again i will play kat electronic drums and people from Metro Manila start going into the province to spend this sacred week of reminiscing the great love Christ has bestowed upon us. We all go to the province where our roots lay, our hearts reside.

We all go even though we know it will be a hardship at the transportation terminals where it would be swarming with commuters trying to go home to their provinces and tourists just trying to take advantage of the liming weekend to visit and discover new places.

Coming home is a stressful journey at times but it will always be worth all the hardship. Home is where we are most recharged and refreshed. Connecting with our roots or spending it with our loved ones in friends as we reminisce the goodness and love of our Lord or celebrate the life we’ve been given in this sacred week is the whole point.